Ditch the Solo Entrepreneurial Burnout: Revamp Your Strategy in 5 Action-Packed Days!

Build A Better You Challenge

3rd April - 7th April - 10pm EAT


Build a Better You challenge

3rd April - 7th April - 10pm EAT

DISCOVER: Your Ultimate Potential: Welcome to the "Build A Better You Challenge" – It’s Time to Transform!

Greetings, Visionary Entrepreneurs and Game-Changers,

Are you ready to dismantle the barriers between you and your highest potential? This isn't just another feel-good exercise. This is about instilling the unshakeable tenacity, strategies, and mindset needed to elevate your business and personal life to unprecedented heights. Welcome to the "Build A Better You Challenge."

What Is the "Build A Better You Challenge"?

​​Over five transformative days, we're diving deep into the core facets that forge successful entrepreneurs – not just from the outside but from the core of your being. This is where ambition meets action, where vision becomes reality.

Does this sound like you?

Are you a solo entrepreneur, coach, or affiliate marketer who feels like you're constantly spinning your wheels, but not making the progress you envisioned?

Perhaps you've experienced some or all of these situations:

Your Business Lacks Direction: You have passion and expertise, but turning that into a clear, profitable business model feels like an enigma.

You're Stuck in the Solo Struggle: Despite long hours and endless dedication, you're not achieving the financial freedom or impact you've dreamt of.

You're Overwhelmed with Information: You consume endless content, from podcasts to webinars, but applying these strategies in a cohesive way feels impossible.

You Feel Isolated in Your Journey: Without a community or mentorship, each decision feels daunting, and you're unsure who to trust or where to turn for advice.

 You're here to serve others and change lives but do not know how

If any of these resonate, you're not alone. Many solo entrepreneurs face these challenges daily. But it's not just about identifying the problems – it's about actively changing them. Our 5-Day Solo Entrepreneur Success Challenge is designed specifically for you – to transform your overwhelm into action, your guesswork into strategy, and your isolation into community.

​​Join us and shift from feeling stuck to stepping confidently into your entrepreneurial potential. This is your moment to reshape your business and life – are you ready to embrace it?

Before The Challenge

Feeling Uncertain: You may currently feel uncertain about your business direction and personal goals.

Lacking Clarity: Struggling with defining a clear personal philosophy and how it aligns with your business values.

Goal-Setting Difficulties: Setting goals feels overwhelming, and you're unsure how to prioritize or achieve them effectively.

Life Imbalance: Struggling to maintain a healthy balance between your personal life and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Communication Challenges: Finding it difficult to communicate your vision effectively to clients, partners, and networks.

Limited Influence: Not feeling confident in your ability to influence and persuade within your market or community.

Productivity Issues: Time management and productivity are constant challenges, leading to procrastination and unmet goals.

Action Paralysis: Knowing what needs to be done but struggling to take decisive action toward your goals.

After The Challenge

Clear Direction: A solid understanding of your personal and business philosophy, driving every decision with purpose and clarity.

Empowered Goal Setting: Ability to set achievable, motivating goals with actionable plans to reach them efficiently.

Balanced Lifestyle: Strategies in place to ensure a healthy work-life balance, increasing overall happiness and productivity.

Boosted Productivity: Adopted new time management and productivity techniques that transform your daily routine.

Decisive Action: A newfound ability to take immediate, effective action towards your business and personal objectives.

Greater Confidence and Credibility: Stand out in your market as a confident leader and reliable expert.

Step into the role of a dynamic solo entrepreneur ready to take on the world.

This 5-Day Challenge is your gateway to not just dreaming about success but making it a tangible reality. Sign up now and start transforming your business and life from day one.

Special Offer: Sign up today to receive exclusive access to additional resources and tools that will aid your entrepreneurial journey beyond the challenge.

​​Transform your business, revolutionize your life. Join the 5-Day Solo Entrepreneur Success Challenge today!

Our Challenge [Event Here] Speakers

What You'll Learn During The FREE Challenge!

Day-by-Day, Step-by-Step: Uncover the Blueprint That Transforms Solo Entrepreneurs into Leaders!"

DAY #1:

The Master Blueprint: Crafting Your Ultimate Life Strategy

Discover the bedrock of success by refining your personal philosophy and reshaping your attitude. Understand how your foundational beliefs can power your business forward or hold you back. Today, you'll lay the groundwork for a mindset primed for success, crucial for solo entrepreneurs facing the day-to-day challenges of business.

Value: Gain clarity on your core beliefs and learn how to align them with your business aspirations for unstoppable success.

DAY #2:

Elevate: Transformative Skills for Life and Leadership

Elevate your goal-setting strategies beyond the ordinary. Learn to set dynamic, actionable goals that propel you forward. Today focuses on transforming dreams into concrete plans, a critical step for solo entrepreneurs aiming for significant achievements.

​Value: Move beyond mere daydreaming into actionable, strategic planning that charts the course to your objectives.

DAY #3:

The Life Architect: Designing Your Path to Success and Fulfillment

Discover the leader within and learn how to balance the demanding lifestyle of a solo entrepreneur. Today's lessons are about leading both yourself and your business with confidence while ensuring your personal life flourishes alongside your professional endeavors.

​Value: Find the sweet spot where personal well-being and business leadership coexist and complement each other.

DAY #4:

Empowerment Odyssey: Journey to Your Best Self

Develop your voice and learn the art of influence to captivate and engage your audience, clients, and collaborators. Effective communication is a cornerstone of success, particularly for solo entrepreneurs looking to expand their reach and impact.

Value: Enhance your influence and become a more effective communicator, turning interactions into opportunities.

DAY #5:

The Success Alchemy: Transforming Principles into Actions

Tackle procrastination and harness productivity strategies that make every minute count. Solo entrepreneurs often struggle with time management—today, you'll learn to overcome these challenges, setting the stage for efficiency and growth.

Value: Transform your workflow with productivity techniques that reduce stress and free up time for what truly matters.

​​This transformation outlines the journey you'll undertake by participating in the 5-Day Challenge, leading to significant personal and professional advancements.


During The 5-Day Challenge!

3rd April - 7th April - 10pm EAT

Matt Jope

Sales and Marketing Expert

Welcome to the World of Matt Jope: Empowering You to Achieve Freedom and Impact

Hello, I’m Matt Jope, and my life has been a relentless pursuit of that one elusive element: Impact. With over a year of leadership in sales and a track record of helping online entrepreneurs to not only dream but actualize their dreams, I stand today as a testament to what true perseverance, dedication, and the right strategy can achieve.

From the very beginning, my life was a quest for excellence. As a young boy, lying in a hospital bed, I witnessed the sheer power of trust and expertise. That moment defined my journey. I pledged to embody the same command of respect and authority I saw in my consultant that day. This wasn't about chasing success; it was about becoming a beacon of trust and leadership.

Through years of relentless searching – from academic accolades to the harrowing experiences in the police force and the legal field – I was in pursuit of something more, something elusive. Even when I transitioned into sales, a realm far removed from my initial paths, I discovered the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact of helping others achieve their goals.

Turning Points and Realizations

But here's the truth: the pinnacle of professional success never equated to fulfillment. I’ve held the titles, from Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing to a recognized figure in the legal and police communities. Yet, it was in the act of coaching, of guiding others to find their 'why', where I discovered my true calling.

My journey took a pivotal turn when I left everything behind, pursuing a love that led me to the heart of Africa. It was there, amidst trials that tested every fiber of my being, that I found clarity. True impact wasn't about personal accolades; it was about making a real difference – in the lives of street children in Africa, in the entrepreneurs I mentor, and in the communities we build together.

Your Path to Transformation

Now, I extend this journey to you. This is not just about building a business; it's about aligning your enterprise with your core values and creating a profound impact on the world around you. As someone who has navigated the highs and lows of numerous careers, I am here to guide you through every step of your journey.

In our work together, you will learn how to sell not just with strategy, but with conviction. You will discover your deeper 'why' and learn the art of true leadership – leading by example, leading with purpose, and leading with heart.

Together, we will dive into the six pillars of business, ensuring your foundation is not just solid but unshakeable. You will learn to master the dynamics of sales, marketing, and personal development, transforming not just your business, but your entire life.

Join Me in Making a Real Difference

But beyond the numbers, beyond the strategies, lies our true mission: to create lasting change. With your partnership, we will continue to provide meals to street children, fund life-saving operations, and build educational facilities for those in need.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of transformation and impact? If you’re prepared to dive deep, to truly challenge and change the fabric of your life, then join me. Together, we will create a legacy of change and fulfillment.

​Welcome To A World of Possibility. Welcome To My Impact Makers Tribe.

Your Chance To Make Impact

Ready for the world of possibility?


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This downloadable workbook gives you the secret to keep up with your daily progress which enables you to finally get the results you want and hold your mane and tale high in public as a legendary creature.

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What’s Inside for You?

Actionable, Impactful Lessons

Interactive, Live Sessions

Exclusive Community Access

Joining this challenge means not just access but immersion:

Actionable, Impactful Lessons: Each day breaks down complex concepts into actionable steps.

Interactive, Live Sessions: This isn't passive learning; it's an interactive warp-speed growth experience.

Exclusive Community Access: Join a select group of entrepreneurs who are on the same wild ride to success.

Comprehensive Challenge Workbook: A powerful, practical tool to apply and track your progress.

​​Ready for the Ultimate Business and Personal Revolution?

Normal Event Ticket Investment :$297



We're not here to spoon-feed you bland, regurgitated advice. This is about igniting a profound, palpable transformation. It's about not just dreaming but doing; not just hoping but happening.

Why Is It Free? Where's the Catch?

Here’s the straightforward truth: When you experience explosive growth, you’ll understand the real value behind real change. We're betting on your future success.

Reserve Your Spot – Time Is Ticking!

Space is limited. Potential is not. If you're nodding along, knowing deep down that it's your time to rise, act now. This isn’t just an opportunity; it's your entrepreneurial destiny calling.

To Your Monumental Success, See You On The First Day!...

Join below to step into the "Build A Better You Challenge." Transform your business, revolutionize your life, and let's shatter those glass ceilings together.

​​​Matt Jope

​P.S. Procrastination is the thief of potential. Don’t let another day slip by. Secure your spot and let’s embark on this life-altering journey together. Remember, the greatest investment you can make is in yourself.


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3rd April - 7th April - 10pm EAT

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There will be a replay every day for which will be made available 24hours after the live event. 

  • Who is this for?

People that take their online business seriously. 

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